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Let's stop Brexit!

Britain's EU membership is the best framework for working effectively and in the pursuit of our shared aims. It has led directly to greater prosperity, investment and jobs, better security, and a greener environment. That's why we truly believe that Britain's best chance to succeed is within the EU.

Electing a Liberal Democrat government is the only way to stop Brexit! euuk

Although the Conservatives claim that a vote for them will 'get Brexit done', it won't: it will simply usher in more years of difficult negotiations over the UK's trade deal with the EU, with a very high chance of Britain crashing out and trying to survive on so-called 'WTO terms' - a deal so bad that almost no other country anywhere in the world trades on that basis. And the Labour Party don't offer a way out either. Corbyn wants to renegotiate the Withdrawal Agreement all over again - but they will not say whether they want Britain to remain in the EU or leave.

The fact is that whether Labour Red or Tory Blue, Brexit is bad for the UK.

There is no doubt that full membership of the EU is good for the British economy. Brexit would bring to an end to businesses' access to the European single market - the destination of almost half of Britain's exports - and to the smooth flow of goods that complex industrial supply chains require. The prospect of tariffs and border checks is already causing manufacturers to shift their operations to other EU states and UK manufacturers are already reporting that export orders have dried up.

Many of the great challenges of the 21st century are global: climate change, the arms trade, the power of multinationals, global poverty and inequality. By separating itself from the EU, Britain diminishes its capacity to respond to these threats. By working together with our European partners, we increase the UK's ability to meet those challenges.

Brexit will also mean an end to freedom of movement, which has brought the UK tremendous social, economic and cultural benefits. It gives British people the opportunity to work, be together with their loved ones, study and retire anywhere in the EU. There is no contradiction between our European and our British, national and regional identities: they enrich one another. EU citizens are valued members of our communities. By stopping Brexit, Liberal Democrats will protect and maintain freedom of movement, safeguarding the rights of UK citizens living elsewhere in the EU and EU citizens in the UK.

The national humiliation of Brexit puts so much at risk: the NHS, public services, jobs across the country, scientific collaboration, peace in Northern Ireland, the unity of the UK, our ability to tackle global crises such as climate change and our global reputation as a country that is confident and outward-facing.

By keeping the UK in the EU, we can get on with tackling the real issues facing our country, using the £50 billion Remain Bonus to invest in public services and tackle inequality.

A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit - and build a brighter future for our country!

Do you agree? If so, join our campaign!